Nov 182015
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The long-awaited final installment of The Titor House has finally arrived! In order to complete their mission once and for all, the Titor House gang will have to first retake the time traveling B&B from The Employers. In order to do so, they’ll have to “unplug” Gertrude’s daughter, Treeflower, and insert one of their own bodies into the control room’s main console. Once they’ve taken care of that, they’ll have to travel to the supposedly idyllic realm of the Employers in order to reunite the fractured halves of their personalities—but is that really how they want to proceed? Join Tyger, Dan, Gertrude, Malcolm and Freddie as they try to decide the fate of humanity, or have it decided for them!

Campaign Navigator: Mage: The Awakening – “The Titor House”

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