Mar 092016
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With the raiding party back from its expedition into the wastes, the denizens of Akatomi Plaza can breathe easy—well, easier than usual, anyhow. Our resident brainer is still on the hunt for some tubing to fix her broken violation glove, and it looks like she’s paid off Half-Pint, the leader of a biker gang called the TBDs, to be her bodyguard. Humphrey, the driver, seems to be hiding something from everyone, but what? Barbarossa is itching for some violence, but what’s she doing with Steed? And I’ve heard that DJ Found is on the hunt for more followers, hoping to convert others with Calligraphy’s sick beats and funky rhymes. Everybody’s occupied with their own shit, but there’s still the little cannibal problem happening, and something tells me that isn’t going away on its own…

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