Mar 162016
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The Tomb has gotten even more fucked up than usual, especially with that weirdo Dave skulking around. I’ve heard that Nurse Sin and Barbarossa are looking for him, but who knows why? He and Specter seem to have some kind of an understanding, something about the tunnel in his workshop. Grandma Vega seems to have some clue about what’s really going on, which might just be a scarier turn of events than all of the cannibalism. He says there’s a band of brainers who live out in the Mendy’s, and that Dave is one of their emissaries. Now, it looks like they’ve got their sights set on Akatomi and everyone inside. Can we possibly survive the coming onslaught of brainwashed cannibals and psychos with mind powers?

By Calligraphy’s mighty turntables, I hope so!

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