Apr 202016
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After spending a century in cold storage, our team of Sentinels is re-sleeved and re-awakened in a world where the remnant TITAN war machines have been eradicated and Firewall has ceased to exist. Proxy Steel, a Promethean AI, informs them that they are the last remnants of The Org, and that they are being reactivated to deal with a new threat. Steel has received a transmission that he suspects was sent by rogue Seed AIs demanding the ego of Charles Maldonado, former head of the Prometheus Syndicate. Now, Steel needs the Sentinels’ help to track down the members of another Firewall cell who fought Maldonado in 10 AF, as they are the only ones who might have a copy of the ego that might save transhuman space from a full-scale invasion. The ultimate object of their search is Elis Menenez, formerly Proxy Mute, who in 77 AF disclosed vast stores of information to governments throughout the solar system and effectively destroyed Firewall from the inside. Can they learn the fates of their counterparts from The Promethean Chronicles and save transhumanity from certain doom?

Campaign Navigator: Eclipse Phase – “Stray Thoughts”

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