Aug 312016
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This week, the gang tackles Chaosium’s Free RPG Day scenario “The Derelict,” written by Call of Cthulhu designer Sandy Petersen! Titus Burnhardt, a “tech maverick” who also goes by his brogrammer handle “T-Burn,” is a washed-up app developer who’s selling his yacht The Delilah in order to raise enough capital to launch his next big project. The buyer happens to be in Liverpool, which affords T-Burn one last opportunity to throw a kickass boat party during the transatlantic crossing! Titus invites his lawyer, Georgie Berkovich (of Berkovich & Berkovich), a milquetoast hanger-on who enjoys his professional proximity to the wealthy and famous, as well as Peter “Murph” Murphy, a childhood friend who currently serves as his personal bodyguard. The voyage proceeds according to plan until the travelers spot a looming hulk stranded on an iceberg in the North Atlantic, a refrigerated container ship that appears to be abandoned. Driven to investigate by the possibility of a huge salvage claim, the passengers explore the foreboding vessel in order to learn the fate of its crew, and, if possible, tow the derelict to shore. What they find, however, is a creature out of Viking legend, a terrifying Sciapod that wants to hunt them like animals. Can they survive?

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