Oct 192016
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This week, we present the conclusion to Swords Against The Dead! As the characters continue to investigate the surge of undead swarming over the seaside village, they begin to piece together the story of the necromancer who summoned them. Pizzdipple questions the sorceress Xuthana, who he found stabbed and dying on her library floor, about the powerful tome of necromancy that the Archmage has placed under her watch. It seems her apprentice, a boy from the village whose parents both died in a tragic maritime accident, betrayed her trust, stabbing her and stealing the book. Meanwhile, the rest of the team meets a suspicious dwarf imprisoned in a crypt beneath the seaside cliff, a dwarf claiming that he is the sorceress’ apprentice. Can our ragtag band of heroes (and Pizzdipple) sort out the truth and defeat the necromancer, or will the terrible magic of the book continue to wreak havoc upon the land? Listen to find out!

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