Nov 092016
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Now that the Sentinels have wrapped up their personal business, it’s time to face the possible ex-threat that is rapidly approaching the solar system. Charles Maldonado’s transmission at the end of The Promethean Chronicles was meant to summon the errant TITANs home, and now it looks like something may have answered. A massive unidentified object on course to enter the system has been sending transmissions demanding to speak to Maldonado, but is it a rogue seed AI coming back to complete transhumanity’s destruction, an extraterrestrial race trying to make contact, or something else entirely? With Maldonado’s reconstructed ego in tow, the Stray Thoughts team farcasts into the black to intercept the object and learn the truth. Will this ragtag group of misfits have to manage a first contact scenario, or will they have their minds devoured by an unknowable evil from the stars? Find out, in Part I of the two-part series finale of Stray Thoughts!

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