Feb 222017
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The Fate’s Fools gang is still trapped in the hallucinatory mycotic dungeon, the gauntlet of disconcerting spaces they must run in order to reach Hell’s Yellow Heights. After a mishap separates the group, Piotr finds himself wandering through a physical manifestation of Walter’s mind, unearthing repressed childhood traumas. In order to escape Walter’s vengeance, Piotr will need to go deeper, to the vast beet fields of Walter’s subconscious, where the seed of an idea might be planted. Once it takes root, however, Piotr’s subliminal suggestion grows beyond his intentions, and provokes a revelation that could turn Walter from his holy quest to call Destiny an asshole. Can the group help their paladin companion through his crisis of faith and find the dungeon’s exit? Find out, on this week’s episode of Fate’s Fools!

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