Apr 052017
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In this week’s melancholic installment of The Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor, Cecil, Noch and one of the Delaney triplets find themselves at the mercy of the sinister Sheriff Toulouse, falsely accused and imprisoned for the night. Meanwhile, the rest of the orphans find themselves in a similar predicament with Althea, the bullying temporary prefect that Dr. Candlewick has assigned to take Cecil’s place in the East Wing. Using the Delaneys to pass messages between groups, Noch attempts to orchestrate the group’s release, before Cecil is put away for a crime he did not commit. However, the situation is worse than they feared, which they learn when a local newspaperman, Icarus Lee, clues them into a shady backroom deal between the sheriff, the local judge, and Dr. Wilaby Sternacker, chief head-shrinker at the Zitomer Institute. It seems that they’ve been using “psychological evaluations” as a cover for disappearing the undesirables in town, carting them off to the booby hatch indefinitely. Can the gang break out of jail or clear Cecil’s name before it’s too late? Listen to find out!

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