Jul 192017
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This week, Rag-NERD-rok takes to the upside-down skies of Inverse World with the first installment of a three-episode mini-campaign! A criminal mastermind known as The Tentacle contracts Captain Seahawk and his crew of rowdy misfits aboard the Solar Sailor to travel to the island of Ice Loch and force the local government to loosen its draconian stranglehold on area trade. Among them are Crisis, an elemental creature made of liquid fire who runs the ship’s boiler, Clark, a hapless high-flyer who gained his remarkable acrobatic abilities after he fell into Sola’s gold cage, and Sidd, a man with a mech suit and a tinkerer’s knack for creating useful inventions. In order to complete their mission and get paid, they’ll have to infiltrate the island and threaten, cajole or strong-arm the crime family that runs its shipping. However, en route to their destination, the crew must pass through a treacherous uprainstom that will test their abilities to work as a team. Can they survive the onslaught of Sola’s tears and reach port, or will they find themselves careening toward the fiery center of Invells? Listen to find out!

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