Oct 112017
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In the sleepy little town of Hunterhill, or “Hauntedhill,” as the locals call it, Magic and Science are locked in a constant struggle. Dr. Algobatts, a science teacher at the local high school, strives to free as many young minds as possible from the influence of astrology and mysticism. In opposition, Sheriff Prendergast, a former pupil who failed Algobatts’ science class, has found power and success with the aid of a witch’s spellbook that allows him to control the forces of nature itself. Caught between the two extremes is J.J., the sheriff’s son, who is also Dr. Algobatts’ star student. When the aliens begin to send the angry scientist messages from space and the spirits from the sorcerous sheriff’s book begin to stir, it’ll be up to J.J. and his faithful canine companion, the talking German Shepherd Deputy Scrapps McWoof, to save the entire town from the aliens…or are they demons? Listen to find out!

This session was created using the playset “Candied Apples & Razorblades,” by David Welsh, which you can find here.

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