Aug 312022

Since we posted our first episode in June 2011, our notion of Rag-NERD-rök has been evolving. It started out as a geek culture blog and podcast, where we would cover events, post reviews and interviews, and discuss our nerdy interests like film, comics and role playing. Two months later, Rag-NERD-rök became an actual play podcast, when we posted “Dragon Heat: Rise of the Chili-Mancer,” a Fiasco that we recorded on a lark. Before long, we stopped posting our daily articles on the blog, and started alternating actual play recordings with our regular episodes. After 2014, we decided to focus exclusively on role playing sessions, and we’ve been an actual play podcast ever since. 

Now, as the project enters its eleventh year, Rag-NERD-rök is changing again. 

As we get older, as life presents us with new challenges and opportunities, it has become more difficult to gather every week to record a session. We’ve tried a few tactics to mitigate this problem, such as recording off-night one-shots, and splitting every recording into two, but we have nevertheless struggled to play enough to produce a new episode each week. 

As such, we are going to take an indefinite hiatus from posting–not because we want to stop entirely, but in order to try something new. Going forward, we’re going to hold the sessions of our campaigns in reserve until the final game is recorded. We’ll then schedule the episodes to release once a week, as they would normally, until the entire campaign is posted. You may even hear a few new voices here and there, depending on whether Ryan can successfully lure more unwitting victims into his basement, or imagine more friends into hideous unlife—whichever continuity you believe. 

An aside to our Patrons: we have not yet decided how this new posting schedule will affect the Patreon. For now, we’re going to put the campaign on pause while we evaluate our options and make a decision. Look for another update with further details. 

In conclusion, we wanted to thank you all for continuing to listen while we play pretend. We are always thrilled to get feedback on the stories and characters we’ve created together, and chat with you on Discord or social media. 

Whatever the future brings, we’ll save you a spot at the table. 

A Note to Our Traitorous Listeners

I hope you fuckwhistles are happy, now that you think you’ve won. This is what you wanted all along, wasn’t it? Well, rest on your laurels for now, assholes, because we’ll be back when you least expect it. 

That’s a promise. 

-The Rag-NERD-rök Staff

    Alex, Chris, Ed, Erik, James, Meyer, Ryan and Will.

Dec 162020
Dueling Gods Path Art

In this week’s episode, the posse is waylaid by a troublesome critter known far and wide as Death. But even Death can’t stop our heroes, as Mr. Cooper is well aware. Y’see, Death knows that they’ve got an enemy to face, and their showdown with Satan could raise Hell and tarnation on Earth if they lose. In order to help them out, Death offers each of them a test with a great big reward if they pass. Can they meet Death’s challenge and save the world? Listen to find out!

Dec 022020
Rag-NERD-rok Logo

This week, the gang of gatecrashers heads for the other survivors, hoping to rescue them and make a quick exit. However, the xenobiologist who has been conversing with Whisper has an idea, one that may eliminate the threat from Teragula once and for all.

Can they obtain a biological sample and engineer a toxin that will affect the hookbladders, without being speared and subsumed? Listen to find out!

Aug 052020
Amerinomicon Art

The band of rebels take a shortcut to reach Los Angeles, but not one you’d find on any map. Sojourning through a frightful space-between-spaces, they’ll have to do their best not to stray from the path. However, the route is full of temptations, and danger lurks just beyond the creeping fog. Will the Country Roads, in fact, take them home, or will they find themselves stranded outside of time and space? Listen to find out! 

Jul 292020
Rag-NERD-rok Logo

The adventure continues! An opportunity presents itself for Sweethorn to mark an item off of his To-Do list, but when it comes to matching wits with a gigantic troll, even stalwart bards may shrink from the task. Later, the gang must deal with a malignity of goblins when Mrs. P. steers them astray, and a fearsome sea creature that swam up from the depths! Check it out!