Hall of Heroes


The web warriors of Rag-NERD-rok are proud to cry the praises of the following Patreon heroes for their generous support. Raise a goblet of honey wine and toast their glory; may the singing Valkyries bear them into eternity to feast and revel with the All-Father.

[Insert Quest Here], podcast of the frost giants

The Amazing Amanda D., slayer of mountain trolls

Brian K., mail pony of the deep interwebs

Brownie D., dweller on the fjords

Carl B., who fought the horde, singing “Valhalla I am coming!”

Chados, one-eyed raven god of Asgard

Eric D., travelling warrior-skald

James B., explorer of the Western Seas

James C., who looks 100% like himself

Kilawa, who died righteously on the field of battle

Kimberly Ann and Kristine, axe-wielding berserker sisters

Micah K., Hrothgar’s thane

Michael Da. Jarl of the Super-Fans

Michael Dr., wielder of Mjolnir

Michael H., keeper of the mead hall

Michael K., trusted mark of the trickster god

Oi! Harkin!, viking commander

Robert P., Grendel’s uncle

Savaric, who knows the runes and ancient signs

Sevrl Bats, crawl-killer on the battlefield

Steve A., savior of Midgard

Steven V., who invaded Jotunheim

Thomas S., teller of tales, keeper of lore

William W., the most beautiful man alive, may the poets ever sing of his stunning visage

Yoddlet, actual factual Norse Man