Jul 292020
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The adventure continues! An opportunity presents itself for Sweethorn to mark an item off of his To-Do list, but when it comes to matching wits with a gigantic troll, even stalwart bards may shrink from the task. Later, the gang must deal with a malignity of goblins when Mrs. P. steers them astray, and a fearsome sea creature that swam up from the depths! Check it out! 

Jul 082020
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Welcome to the first episode of our quarantine adventure!

A group of odd adventurers living in the Eversummer Wood are hired to a nobleman to escort his son, an aspiring bard who goes by Sweethorn, to the heart of the forest.

This adventure will help harden Sweethorn’s resolve and give him much to write about. And the Eversummer Wood is the safefest place in the world, so it shouldn’t be dangerous, either. 

Will this group of adventurers be able to protect their inept charge in order to score their huge payday? Or will Sweethorn’s adventure end prematurely? 

Listen to find out!

Apr 162014
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Following their accidental imprisonment in a magical crystal, the villagers from our previous Adventurers outing want Finney the Wizard out of their hair. They decide to hire the brave band of player characters to find the old coot a new place to live—or, at least, to make sure the dread tower of a fearsome death mage suddenly becomes available real estate. In order to do so, however, the adventurers must first make the perilous trek across blighted fields and cursed forests simply to reach the place. Can they defeat yet another master of the undead, and—by the time they reach his extremely isolated and well protected fortress—will they even want to? Listen in to this week’s Actual Play to find out!

Dec 112013


You know how the old story goes: a group of wandering adventurers arrives in a small medieval village, road-weary and eager for a rest, or maybe a pint at the local tavern–hijinks ensue. However, in this instance, our group of brave wanderers arrives in one particular village to find the place deserted, vacant of any human presence. It seems the local wizard, an elderly and somewhat absent-minded fellow, has accidentally cast a spell that trapped the village’s population in a crystal, and while he was trying to reverse the process, just happened to teleport it into the clutches of a mad lich who reigns in eternal undeath from a nearby tomb of horrors. Now, our stalwart band must journey into an ancient necromancer’s lair in order to retrieve the missing gem so that the goofy old wizard can set things right. Can they rescue the townsfolk from the evil skeleton and restore them to life? And shouldn’t there be some kind of reward for this sort of thing? Listen in to find out!

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