Jan 202012

Once upon a time, in the tiny village of Morp, there lived a group of well-meaning monsters, each a pillar of the community. They lived in peace with the villagers until the day when Sir Steel Hardwood, an intrepid adventurer, arrived in town with his faithful assistant, Gary, to mercilessly slaughter them. Add to this mix the decrepit necromancer, Professor Darkmeyer, his inept apprentice, Kel Lynchpittance, and Kel’s lupine familiar, Peewee, who want to capture Sir Hardwood’s squire and steal the prize he won by slaying the dragon, a scroll with an incantation that can break the curse that Kel accidentally placed on himself and Peewee. It’s a story that only five nerds could come up with, a tale of adventure, obscenity, and idiocy that (we hope) will have you splitting your sides with laughter.

So grab your +3 swords of flaming death, don your genuine replica chain mail, and enjoy this drunken Fiasco Actual Play!

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