May 162013

Rag-NERD-rok Cold Open SUPERCUT!

Here you go, Rag-NERD-rok fans! Have half an hour of our beloved improv comedy segments, on me! For your listening pleasure, here are all of the cold openers we’ve done since the podcast’s inception, compiled together in one file. Some of the early segments are a bit rough around the edges, but I think they’re all pretty hilarious.

Hope you enjoy!

(Details under the cut.)

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Jan 032013

Woo whee. That apocalypse sure was something, wasn’t it? Remember all of the explosions and death? We didn’t want to take any chances, so all of the Rag-NERD-rok guys hunkered down in the Rag-NERD-bunker to await our eventual demise. We figured that, while we were down there, we might as well record a podcast episode. And what better way to ring in the end of the world than by talking about our favorite things that we all discovered in 2012? After that, we decided to spend some time talking about the things we were going to miss in 2013 because the world had ended. There’s also a Will Interview, because we wanted to end our time on this planet with a smile.

This episode was recorded in our bunker on Dec. 21 and posted automatically. Hopefully we’re all alive in the future, in which case most of this is superfluous. If not, it’s been nice knowing you, Planet Earth.

(Show notes after the jump)

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Apr 102012

I love science fiction, and I love video games. So it’s quite fortuitous for me that the sci-fi genre has been a staple of video games practically since they were invented. (Fun fact: Pong is actually supposed to be two alien space ships battling each other.) (Another fun fact: That’s not true at all.)

So I decided to compile a list of my top five favorite sci-fi worlds/universes from (current generation) video games in no real order. “Why just current gen?” you ask? Because it’s getting late and I don’t have the patience to do the amount of thinking it would require to think about older games. Also, this list is limited to games I’ve played. And I don’t own a PS3. So please, don’t accuse me of any fanboyism. I can’t talk about how great Resistance is if I’ve never played it.

And now, without further ado, onto the list!

(This is the last ado. The list begins after the jump.)

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Mar 272012

In the twentieth episode of Rag-NERD-rok, Ryan, Ed, Meyer and Alex take a look at several different sub-genres of horror in order to break down and analyze what exactly makes each so scary. After the break, the boys indulge Ryan with another one of his Rag-NERD-libs, and the entire crew responds to some listener voicemails/email. If you’ve ever mussed your unmentionables in terror at the prospect of being chased through the woods by a knife-wielding psychopath, having your flesh transformed into a living VCR, learning how truly insignificant man is in the scheme of things, or biting your nails in anticipation at the barbed conversation of a cannibalistic genius, then this episode is just what you’ve been looking for!

(Show Notes after the break.)

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Nov 082011

Remember the Season 2 premier of The Walking Dead? In the beginning, Rick is on the walkie-talkie talking to Morgan about how his group is going to leave Atlanta. One of the things I didn’t really notice at the time, though, was that Rick barely takes his finger off of the button. He’s not sure if Morgan can hear him, but if Morgan can hear him, he has no way to respond!

Well, someone else noticed it and made a really funny video about it. It even uses a Muppet-like puppet! Take a look after the jump. Continue reading »