Mar 112015
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This week on Rag-NERD-rok, we have a bit of a departure from our usual fare: a Let’s Play of the storytelling board game, “Tales of the Arabian Nights!” Join our heroes as they set off from Baghdad on various quests and build their adventures with luck, cunning, and an array of random encounter tables. Will Ryan eat a meal on every continent? Can Alex find the mysterious love of his dreams? Will Erik inherit his father’s riches? Can Meyer refute a vizier’s terrible accusations? Find out, as they misunderstand their reaction matrices, accumulate contradictory status effects, and journey onward toward destiny!

May 162013

Rag-NERD-rok Cold Open SUPERCUT!

Here you go, Rag-NERD-rok fans! Have half an hour of our beloved improv comedy segments, on me! For your listening pleasure, here are all of the cold openers we’ve done since the podcast’s inception, compiled together in one file. Some of the early segments are a bit rough around the edges, but I think they’re all pretty hilarious.

Hope you enjoy!

(Details under the cut.)

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Jan 032013

Woo whee. That apocalypse sure was something, wasn’t it? Remember all of the explosions and death? We didn’t want to take any chances, so all of the Rag-NERD-rok guys hunkered down in the Rag-NERD-bunker to await our eventual demise. We figured that, while we were down there, we might as well record a podcast episode. And what better way to ring in the end of the world than by talking about our favorite things that we all discovered in 2012? After that, we decided to spend some time talking about the things we were going to miss in 2013 because the world had ended. There’s also a Will Interview, because we wanted to end our time on this planet with a smile.

This episode was recorded in our bunker on Dec. 21 and posted automatically. Hopefully we’re all alive in the future, in which case most of this is superfluous. If not, it’s been nice knowing you, Planet Earth.

(Show notes after the jump)

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Apr 032012

It’s finally happened: YouTube has taken its first steps into becoming a true provider of video entertainment. I know what you’re thinking. “Alex, you dumb schmuck, there are plenty of cool videos on YouTube already!” And you’re right. But now there are YouTube channels — run by media personalities and icons, they offer professionally-produced material instead of cat videos. It may be yet another nail in cable television’s coffin.

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Aug 162011

Join the Rag-NERD-rok Crew this week for our very first interview! In this episode, we sit down with Bob Rozakis, former writer and Executive Director of Production at DC Comics, to pick his brain about his time in the industry. Mr. Rozakis shares some fascinating and hilarious anecdotes from his 25 years at DC, including the Comic Mobile debacle, the imbroglio surrounding the death of Superman, and the story of how he helped to usher the company into the digital age. After the break, Erik gives us the rundown on the newest expansion for “Red Dragon Inn,” a board game by Slugfest Games in which each player portrays an archetypal hero in the style of “Dungeons & Dragons” with the objective of drinking his or her fellow adventurers under the table at a post-adventure booze session.

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