Jun 192019
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And we’re back with the first episode of Alex’s Pilot Season winning campaign, “Amerinomicon!”

In the world of Amerinomicon, Great Cthulhu has arisen and conquered the world. Civilization trembles on the edge of madness in the clutches of the Great Old Ones. Humanity has one last hope: a ragtag group of would-be heroes transporting a metallic sphere on a great American (or Lovecraftian?) road trip.

This week, they find themselves in a shattered community eking out a meager living in the wilds of eastern Pennsylvania. Ejected from their homes by the authority of the GOOs, they long for the day when they can oust the usurpers and reclaim what’s theirs. Will our characters help them take back their town? Listen to find out!

Mar 272012


In the twentieth episode of Rag-NERD-rok, Ryan, Ed, Meyer and Alex take a look at several different sub-genres of horror in order to break down and analyze what exactly makes each so scary. After the break, the boys indulge Ryan with another one of his Rag-NERD-libs, and the entire crew responds to some listener voicemails/email. If you’ve ever mussed your unmentionables in terror at the prospect of being chased through the woods by a knife-wielding psychopath, having your flesh transformed into a living VCR, learning how truly insignificant man is in the scheme of things, or biting your nails in anticipation at the barbed conversation of a cannibalistic genius, then this episode is just what you’ve been looking for!

(Show Notes after the break.)

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