Oct 192015

Remember our YouTube channel that we haven’t used since 2012? Well, we just did! And we’re using it to share this Let’s Play we recorded of Steel Crate Games’ recent release, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes!¬†Join Erik, Alex, Ryan, Ally and Meyer as they try to avoid getting pretend blown up by defusing fake bombs using their wits and a handy-dandy bomb defusing manual! Check it out and let us know what you think.

Mar 112015
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Tree

This week on Rag-NERD-rok, we have a bit of a departure from our usual fare: a Let’s Play of the storytelling board game, “Tales of the Arabian Nights!” Join our heroes as they set off from Baghdad on various quests and build their adventures with luck, cunning, and an array of random encounter tables. Will Ryan eat a meal on every continent? Can Alex find the mysterious love of his dreams? Will Erik inherit his father’s riches? Can Meyer refute a vizier’s terrible accusations? Find out, as they misunderstand their reaction matrices, accumulate contradictory status effects, and journey onward toward destiny!

May 162013

Rag-NERD-rok Cold Open SUPERCUT!

Here you go, Rag-NERD-rok fans! Have half an hour of our beloved improv comedy segments, on me! For your listening pleasure, here are all of the cold openers we’ve done since the podcast’s inception, compiled together in one file. Some of the early segments are a bit rough around the edges, but I think they’re all pretty hilarious.

Hope you enjoy!

(Details under the cut.)

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Dec 202011

A friend of mine linked me to this video recently (Thanks Menelven, if you’re reading this), and I fell in love with the song. For anyone who loved the original Pokemon more than any of the newer ones, this guy certainly echoes your sentiments. There’s a bit of a lengthy plug at the end, but considering the fact that we like to shamelessly plug our own product, I suppose it’s acceptable. Video after the jump.

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Nov 112011

I’m a gigantic wrestling fan. I have been ever since I was about 7 years old. A lot of kids idolized their favorite football or basketball players, whereas I championed a different man: “Macho Man” Randy Savage. I’ve grown up with wrestling (I often joke about how I was born to be a wrestling fan, since I’m the same age as Wrestlemania and it always happens right around my birthday), and as such, I make sure to get every new WWE game that hits the shelves.

With last year’s offering, Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011, came a new mode that was a major hit: Universe Mode. For everybody who ever wanted to run the WWE the way they wanted to, this mode provided them with that opportunity. However, it did have its flaws, and there were areas in which it sometimes seemed a bit limited or repetitive. This year, with WWE ’12, the developers are looking to address and rectify the complaints that the fanbase has given them, and from the looks of it, they’ve done a mighty fine job. Check out a video highlighting some of the changes to the mode, which they are now calling “Universe Mode 2.0,” after the jump. Continue reading »