Nov 162023
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(NOTE: Actual gameplay begins at 22 minutes 30 seconds)

The Poppleton Mall is a friendly place, where each welcoming storefront promises commerce and community. One Family-owned business in particular offers its customers the opportunity to become more—if they’re cheerful, hard-working, and willing to invest in themselves. Becoming a member of The Family is the first step to owning your own happy storefront where you, too, can spread the joy of premium dietary supplements. It’s as easy as purchasing your own starter supply, signing up for a series of Family leadership seminars, and sticking to your prescribed regimen of brain-enhancing nootropics. As the staff are medically conditioned to say, “Welcome to our home!” Welcome to Poppleton Mall!

May 252022
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Regina is finally getting married. To a reality TV bounty hunter, of course. 

The wedding is going to be the event of the century! But for security reasons, the happy couple decides to hold their nuptials in the middle of the desert.

Will they be able to pull off a miracle and have the wedding happen without a hitch? Or is it going to be a fiasco? Listen to find out! Although you probably already know the answer.

Nov 102021
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What can prompt two rival restauranteurs to set aside their differences and go into business with an animal control specialist? Is it the big chain eateries, popping up like weeds and squeezing the life out of the local markets? Or could it be the lousy economy, with its supply chain problems and staff shortages?

Neither. It is an idea so bizarre, so new, so outlandishly stupid, that it just might be the next big craze.

Is it a laundromat? No.

Is it a cat café? No.

Is it a bar? No.

It’s all three.

Sep 292021
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News Channel Six is not doing well. Their tiny market of Sitka, Alaska doesn’t have much news. And what it does have usually gets scooped by the jerks at Action News 11. 

But the Alaska Day celebration is coming up, and that’s an opportunity for the crew at Channel Six to turn things around. 

That is, if the lead anchor isn’t too distracted directing his “art film.” And his co-anchor and field reporter aren’t trying to kill him. And if the camera man can stay awake. 

Whatever happens at Alaska Day, it’s guaranteed to be a fiasco!

Aug 042021
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Join us this week as we delve back into second-edition Fiasco!

Three men who aren’t afraid to break the law answer the call when no one else can. They’re not just friends — they’re family

Now, they’ll have to put their street racing skills to use in the best way possible: saving the world. But to do that, they’ll need to get their hands on an experimental Russian tank.

Will they be able to overcome the impossible odds and drive their way to victory? Or are they going to crash and burn along the way? No matter what happens, it’s going to be a fiasco.