Feb 142018
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This week, the boys are back! The Crab Goddess needs some drums trucked across state lines, and she knows she can count on Marge’s Boys to get the job done. Except this time, they’re trucking their goods in their new rig, Big Boytha, and they’ve got the law hot on their shells. Can they get the goods and get back before their new gunner, a shifty hermit crab named Dirty Lyle who totally isn’t a cop, gets them all killed or arrested? These crab truckers are going to need every trick Boytha has, because it’s going to be a long, hard ride down from Crab Mountain.

Nov 222011

In this week’s episode of Rag-NERD-rok, we discuss some of our favorite independently published video games, the current market for new intellectual properties, and the future of video gaming. We’ll touch on some of our favorite indie titles, such as Braid, Limbo, Minecraft, The Binding of Isaac, and Dwarf Fortress in order to examine the ways in which independent game makers are changing the face of the industry. Later, we each pitch an idea for a new Choose Your Own Adventure style web comic so that you, the listening audience, can choose which one you would like to see produced. Finally, we round off our episode with a word from our sponsor, Big Al’s Quantum Quik-Fix!

(Show notes after the break.)

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