Nov 082011

The streets of Tokyo run red with gallons and gallons of stage blood! Hot girls fart shuriken at their enemies, wield arm-stump-mounted machine guns, and deal with psychological trauma by slicing themselves with razor blades! Engineers, robotic geishas, and disgusting alien parasites — not to mention ruthless yakuza lords — have taken over! If this sounds like something you can stomach, then come along with the Rag-NERD-rok crew as we delve into the gore-streaked depths of Japanese spatter films such as Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police, RoboGeisha and Meatball Machine. Afterwards, we’ll sit down with our friend Will for another hilarious interview, and find out exactly how much Alex will put up with when he presents a new RPG campaign to Meyer and Erik. This episode will be a real blast, so much so that someone is sure to lose a limb in a shower of pressurized blood.

(Show notes after the break.)

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