May 162013

Rag-NERD-rok Cold Open SUPERCUT!

Here you go, Rag-NERD-rok fans! Have half an hour of our beloved improv comedy segments, on me! For your listening pleasure, here are all of the cold openers we’ve done since the podcast’s inception, compiled together in one file. Some of the early segments are a bit rough around the edges, but I think they’re all pretty hilarious.

Hope you enjoy!

(Details under the cut.)

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Nov 042012

Ah, Troll 2. That masterpiece of bad cinema. It’s one of those movies that’s so bad, it’s good. It’s also a movie that will stick with you for years to come. One of the reasons it’s so memorable is because of the…um, unique characters. Especially Credence Leonore Gielgud (of ancient Druidic origins). Played by Deborah Reed, Credence was the leader of the goblins. Or the townsfolk. Or both? Are the townsfolk all goblins? Who the hell knows?

Anyway, we were fortunate enough in this episode to get Deborah Reed on the phone and interview her about her character and her experiences making such a memorable film. If you haven’t seen Troll 2 yet, do it now. We’ll be here when you get back.

After the interview, Derek (who you’ve heard from our many Eclipse Phase games) joins Ryan and Meyer to talk about their favorite experiences from New York Comic Con 2012 (Erik, Ed and Alex couldn’t make it, mostly because of a combination of lack of funds and suckitude).

So take a listen to this extra spooky Halloween episode of Rag-NERD-rok. And sorry for the delay, folks. Blame that bitch, Sandy.

(show notes after the jump)

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Oct 252011

On Oct. 13 to 16, The Rag-NERD-rok crew attended New York Comic Con, the convention where dreams and nightmares come true in equal measure. In this episode, we’ll give you the rundown of our experiences at the con, including tales of how we met the stars (and were shot down), the panels we attended, and the unimaginably long lines we waited on. Later, we’ll give our reviews of this year’s NYCC, and Erik presents a segment of interviews he conducted with cosplayers at the Javits Center. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and pack your own food, because Comic Con is happening again on this week’s episode of Rag-NERD-rok!

(Show notes after the break.)

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Oct 222011

In 1993, an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation called “The Inner Light” became the first Start Trek episode in 25 years to win the Hugo award, and more impressive, only the second episode of Star Trek to ever win the award. It’s a fan favorite, and a personal favorite of mine. I was very excited to see on the program for this year’s New York Comic Con was a panel featuring the writer of the episode, Morgan Gendel.

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Oct 192011

Even though the next New York Comic Con is a year away, I thought it might be a good idea to jot down a few of my recommendations for future con goers while they’re fresh in my mind. Not all of these pointers will apply to everyone, and some of them are just plain common sense, but if they help you out, then I’ve done my job.

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