Sep 052012

When villainy threatens the city of Boston, its citizens turn to their newest franchise of rag-tag “heroes,” The No Way! Squad: East Coast! In this game, a malfunctioning comedy robot, a psychotic firearms enthusiast, a tribal shaman, an elderly super-genius, a weather controlling TV personality and an out-of-shape mimic with perfect muscle memory are brought together to defend the city from the nefarious deeds of The Rotato, a rampaging speedster with blade arms! In order to prove their mettle as a team of heroes and gain admittance to the No Way! Squad, they’ll have to set aside their many differences in order to take down the bad guys, without destroying too much of Cambridge in the process. Can they defeat The Rotato and his henchmen, or have they sliced off more than they can handle? Listen to the first installment of The No Way! Squad: East Coast to find out!

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