Apr 202022
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A dragon lawyer has come down with a rare case of…something, and it’s up do Doctor Cabin’s team to figure out what’s wrong with her. 

They’ll perform esoteric tests, commune with their gods, and do some magical drugs along the way. 

Will they be able to save their patient? Or will their drama get in the way? Listen to find out!

Note: This game was run with the beta version of the rules. We actually recorded it mere days before the full rules were released. You can buy the final version of the game here.

Mar 162022
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Things are never easy in high school. Especially when two (former) best friends decide to have competing parties! Which party do you go to in that case?

Oh, and there are aliens invading the city again. And lots of rumors are flying around. It’s a weird day, even in this city.

Will the girls pick the right party? Or will they ruin their reputations forever? And what about the aliens?

Listen to find out!

Mar 022022
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Life is tough when you’re in high school. You have to deal with drama from your friends, homework, overbearing adults and, of course, turning into a 10-story tall monster that wreaks havoc on the city.

And when brain-stealing aliens are invading, things are even worse. And that reporter guy is giving off some majorly weird vibes. 

Will these teens be able to keep their secrets? Or are they going to wind up alien food? Or worse — on Becky’s Insta! Listen to find out!

Jan 262022
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Two Delta Green agents are sent to a town in upstate New York after a young woman goes missing. Her body was found — 40 years in the past. 

The agents need to figure out what’s going on and put a stop to it. They also need to run damage control with the local police, who are wondering how a woman ended up dead 20 years before she was born.

Will they be able to unravel this dark mystery? Or will they be caught up in it as well? Listen to find out!

Dec 152021
Make Our Own Heaven Title Art

Join us this week as friend of the show Reizor (of the [insert quest here] podcast) takes Alex and Chris through a preview of their new game, Make Our Own Heaven.

In Make Our Own Heaven, you play as angel/human hybrid clones, on the run from the corporation that made you and the government that wants to enslave you. You need to work with your new found family and the community you call home in order to survive on the colony of New Heaven, which orbits Jupiter.

In this one-shot, two of the renegade angels have to come up with some quick cash in order to pay for medical treatments for the person who took them in. They’ll have to navigate a shady underworld, dangerous politics and the ever-watchful government in order to get the cash they need. 

But can they do it without exposing their true identities and getting caught? Listen to find out!

Make Our Own Heaven is releasing on Itch.io later this month. You can get a copy of the game, and more of Reizor’s work, on their Itch page.