Sep 262012

We at Rag-NERD-rok are pleased to announce the premiere of the newest installment of our serial drama, Dead of Winter, the story of murder in a small town with a dark secret. In this episode, lawyer Neil Price confronts shady hotel proprietor Arthur Webb about his role in the death of young Sarah Winter, peeling back yet another layer of the mystery and revealing even more about the sinister brotherhood of murderers to which Webb belongs. For a small taste of what’s to come, listen to the preview below.

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Nov 162011

For those of you who have ignored the world of YA literature since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out a few years ago, let me clue you in to something wonderful you may have missed: The Hunger Games¬†trilogy, by Suzanne Collins. It’s a fantastic read, an emotional sucker-punch with a fist full of car keys that left me speechless with its honesty and immediacy. Very quickly after I started — within the first 25 pages, I’d say — it made the list of my favorite books. But there’s another reason I decided to give Collins’ work a plug today: Lionsgate is making a movie, and if the new full-length trailer is any indication, it looks *freaking awesome*.

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Nov 022011

Earlier today, Rockstar Games released the trailer for the latest installment in its Grand Theft Auto series, and even though I’m not much of a video game fan, I squee’d a little. For me, a huge part of the fun to be had playing GTA games comes from exploring the incredibly detailed sandboxes they encompass, wreaking havoc. Sure, I’ll do the missions, but sometimes, you just feel like stealing an ambulance and running a police blockade, you know what I mean? Plus, there’s always plenty of little Easter eggs to find, if you’ve got time between shootouts with the FBI. Grand Theft Auto V, it seems, will take the series back to the West-Coast-inspired San Andreas area, where there’s limitless amounts of criminal merriment to be made among the palm fronds. The Los Santos locale looks beautiful, and I can’t wait to turn my sociopathic digital persona loose within it.

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Oct 132011

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m going to get this out of the way right now: I liked “Final Fantasy XIII.” There, I said it. I thought it was a good game, and I enjoyed the combat system.

So I was already looking forward to the awkwardly named sequel, “Final Fantasy XIII-2.” But then I saw this seven-minute trailer, and now I’m really pumped.

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