Dec 222023
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In this week’s Eclipse Phase one-shot, Firewall scrambles a group of Sentinels on Extropia to neutralize an exsurgent outbreak at a swanky fundraising dinner. Can our team infiltrate the restaurant hosting the party before the chef infects everyone in attendance with their angry alien protein goo and save Extropia from becoming an exsurgent’s hors d’oeuvre? Listen to find out!

Oct 282023
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This last Spooktober game is a little bit late because it wasn’t actually recorded as one—shhh! People got sick and life got in the way, and we didn’t actually get to play a fourth spoopy one-shot. So please enjoy this re-purposed game of Heart that Ryan, Erik and Alex played a few months ago, and try to think Halloween-y thoughts while listening.

When a decadent high-elf noble sends an emissary to the undercity to procure a particular preferred pastry, it’ll be up to a Deadwalker and a Deep Apiarist to acquire the confection in question. In order to perform their assigned task and get paid, they’ll need to rescue the baker from a terrifying creature of the Heart. Will they survive their journey into the depths with their minds intact, or will a loaf of bread prove to be their undoing? Listen to find out!

Oct 182023
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It’s time for the annual July 4th Block Party on Wisteria Court, a quiet cul-de-sac in a peaceful suburban neighborhood. They’ve got a food truck and a slip’n’slide, a bounce castle and a DJ. But something’s wrong on this idyllic block, and an unnatural force is about to drag the whole street out of reality itself. Blane and Zaq, two obnoxious undergrads who are renting a house on the block, will have to step up and save their neighbors from certain doom, but it’ll take more than their garage ninjutsu or hyper-potent Australian marijuana to set things right. Can they pull it off, or will they be lost outside of spacetime forever? Listen to find out!

Oct 052023
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I’ll bet you all thought that Rag-NERD-rok was dead and buried, but here it is, clawing its way up through the sod, clumps of graveyard dirt in its hair! And speaking of dead things climbing out of their graves, it’s spooky season once again! In this year’s first Spooktober episode, Ryan runs Don’t Rest Your Head for Alex, Ed and James.

When the Tacks Man sets his sights on a struggling author, a rockstar with a haunted past, and a chronic insomniac, they’ll have to band together to pay off their debts. Will a trip to the Bizarre Bazar get them what they need to balance the books, or will they find themselves literally in the red? Listen to find out!

Aug 312022

Since we posted our first episode in June 2011, our notion of Rag-NERD-rök has been evolving. It started out as a geek culture blog and podcast, where we would cover events, post reviews and interviews, and discuss our nerdy interests like film, comics and role playing. Two months later, Rag-NERD-rök became an actual play podcast, when we posted “Dragon Heat: Rise of the Chili-Mancer,” a Fiasco that we recorded on a lark. Before long, we stopped posting our daily articles on the blog, and started alternating actual play recordings with our regular episodes. After 2014, we decided to focus exclusively on role playing sessions, and we’ve been an actual play podcast ever since. 

Now, as the project enters its eleventh year, Rag-NERD-rök is changing again. 

As we get older, as life presents us with new challenges and opportunities, it has become more difficult to gather every week to record a session. We’ve tried a few tactics to mitigate this problem, such as recording off-night one-shots, and splitting every recording into two, but we have nevertheless struggled to play enough to produce a new episode each week. 

As such, we are going to take an indefinite hiatus from posting–not because we want to stop entirely, but in order to try something new. Going forward, we’re going to hold the sessions of our campaigns in reserve until the final game is recorded. We’ll then schedule the episodes to release once a week, as they would normally, until the entire campaign is posted. You may even hear a few new voices here and there, depending on whether Ryan can successfully lure more unwitting victims into his basement, or imagine more friends into hideous unlife—whichever continuity you believe. 

An aside to our Patrons: we have not yet decided how this new posting schedule will affect the Patreon. For now, we’re going to put the campaign on pause while we evaluate our options and make a decision. Look for another update with further details. 

In conclusion, we wanted to thank you all for continuing to listen while we play pretend. We are always thrilled to get feedback on the stories and characters we’ve created together, and chat with you on Discord or social media. 

Whatever the future brings, we’ll save you a spot at the table. 

A Note to Our Traitorous Listeners

I hope you fuckwhistles are happy, now that you think you’ve won. This is what you wanted all along, wasn’t it? Well, rest on your laurels for now, assholes, because we’ll be back when you least expect it. 

That’s a promise. 

-The Rag-NERD-rök Staff

    Alex, Chris, Ed, Erik, James, Meyer, Ryan and Will.