Mar 292012

I was recently approached by Odin himself, who was in a state of fury. He was being plagued by nightmares caused by a single unanswered question.

“This has been gnawing at me since before Thor and Loki were even gleams in my eye!” he thundered.

This question is, of course, who are the top five recurring Star Trek characters? He appointed me, personally, to investigate this matter and come up with an answer for him. And over the next five weeks I shall do just that.

(Find out who’s No. Five after the jump)

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Feb 142012

Part three of our four-part nerd culture retrospective brings us into the time of UFOs, shirtless starship captains, questing hobbits and dashing British spies. After the break, we discuss a few changes that we’re planning to make to our update schedule, and we each pitch an idea for a role-playing scenario that you get to vote for! Finally, we have the long-awaited debut of EDSKETCH, the scariest mother-frakking piece of audio in the history of anything, ever.

(Show notes after the break.)

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Oct 222011

In 1993, an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation called “The Inner Light” became the first Start Trek episode in 25 years to win the Hugo award, and more impressive, only the second episode of Star Trek to ever win the award. It’s a fan favorite, and a personal favorite of mine. I was very excited to see on the program for this year’s New York Comic Con was a panel featuring the writer of the episode, Morgan Gendel.

(more after the break)

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Sep 202011

I hope you all read that in a William Shatner voice. Anyway, I’m kind of hoping that this was tongue-in-cheek, cause Shatner kind of makes himself look like a jerk. But I found a video on Boing Boing of William Shatner defending Star Trek in the age old Star Trek vs. Star Wars battle by claiming Star Wars is derivative…and then he sort of rambles. Check for the link after the page break.

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