Jul 172012

Here it is, folks: another THUNDERous interview with the Rag-NERD-rok Crew! Who is it? Alright, we won’t be CATty: it’s Larry Kenney, the voice behind Lion-O from the original ThunderCats cartoon (among many other things). We talk with him about his career both before and after ThunderCats, how voice acting works and more. Then, Erik regales us all with his adventures at last month’s BronyCon, while Meyer and Alex try not to hate too much. And last but certainly not least, we read all of the new emails we’ve received, as well as the five-star reviews that people have left us on iTunes (thanks for that!). So join us for an episode filled with famous actors, pony talk and you guys!

Also, Meyer runs out to get some milk for Ryan’s mom. What a guy.

(Show notes after the break)

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