Jan 072015
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A respected mathematician, an ex-RAF non-com and a scholar of the occult set out to the remote Scottish isle of St. Margaret’s in pursuit of a trio of missing persons who vanished months ago. As cover, they take up positions at a boarding school, a holdover from the Victorian era where English girls are moulded into proper young ladies, but something seems amiss. The students are sickly and listless, victims of sudden and horrific injuries. Faculty and staff seem equally apathetic about life at St. Margaret’s. All this raises a number of questions that our Investigators must answer, even if it costs their last vestiges of sanity: Is there something more at work on the island than educational ennui? What drew the missing persons to the school in the months prior, and what caused their disappearance? Finally, what can be done to save the students from succumbing to The Dying of St. Margaret’s? Listen to find out!