May 252011

Murder, home spun wisdom and dried ears on a string. These are three elements you can expect from Rag-NERD-rok’s first audio serial. “Dead of WInter” is a six-episode audio drama involving the murder of a Pine Springs teen named Sarah Winter, told from the perspective of a small town lawyer. In each episode, lawyer Neil Price gets a part of the story from one of the people closest to the murdered girl.

In the first episode, the characters are introduced to Evan Hollister by Neil. Evan is considered to be the prime suspect in the murder. His story centers around the night in question: Prom night, when Sarah Winter was murdered at the Lumberjack Motel by…well, that’s the mystery.

“Dead of Winter,” currently in production, stars Long Island theatre veterans Bob Domingo as Neil Price, Derek Mutterspaw as Reverend Mike Winter, Mike Natale as Evan Hollister, Tony Piccirillo as Ralph McCan, Alice Mutterspaw as Sarah Winter, Allison Malinowski as Cassandra Donner and Rag-NERD-Rok’s very own Ed Cress as the Mysterious Stranger.

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