Mar 252020
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Join us for our first-ever game of Mothership! 

The crew of a small transport vessel are caught by surprise when the asteroid mining facility they’ve docked at reports some strange trouble. A scientist showed up recently, and a crew member just went missing. 

It’s probably nothing, though. Accidents happen. Space is a dangerous place, after all…

Mar 192020
Dueling Gods Path Art

The posse has identified the problem in town. Now it’s just a matter of fixing it. But how do you make a bunch of dead people realize they ain’t supposed to be walking around no more?

And, seriously, what’s up with that sphere?

Join us as we find some answers, and also more questions

Mar 112020

The evil has revealed itself, and now the group must survive. 

Can they get what they need from this town before they are overrun? And what about the children they found? 

Who will survive this horrible place? Listen to find out!

Mar 042020
Dueling Gods Path Art

The posse from The Government rides into a small town, where everyone seems pretty happy. Like they don’t know about the terrible fate that’s about to befall them. Or maybe it already has?

And then there’s the crater outside of town that no one seems to remember being there. 

Pretty strange, if you ask me. Maybe it’s worth looking in to?

Feb 262020
Amerinomicon Art

In this week’s episode, the gang runs out of gas near a foreboding abandoned town. It should be an easy matter of getting the truck down to the gas station to fill the tank, but something seems amiss. The deserted streets are haunted by some unknowable presence, an intrusive creature from beyond space. Can they survive its sanity-ravaging effects? Listen to find out!