Nov 062019
Amerinomicon Art

On the run and on the road, the party decides to check in to a motel to get a night’s sleep. But what happens next will take everyone by surprise.

What is happening at this motel? Will the group actually be able to sleep? And what’s that sound in the distance?

Listen to find out!

Oct 302019
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The final game of Spooktober is upon us!

This week, we’re back to Eclipse Phase Second Edition. Four experienced gatecrashers are sent on a routine first-in assignment. The planet on the other side is about as close to perfect as it gets. 

However, when they step through the gate, things don’t go as planned, and now the team needs to race to get back home. 

Will they be able to survive on this strange, alien world? And what happened on this planet to make it this way? 

Listen to find out!

Oct 232019

It is the night of the annual Halloween festival at the Court of Shadows in Fairyland, and no celebration is complete without a circus! The Jersbleen Bros. Hippodrome Fantastique arrives at the castle only to find that the Queen of Whispers has ordered all humans or fae beholden to their fellows to be brought to her immediately. She owes a tithe to Old Scratch, and he and his demonic retinue will arrive shortly to collect. 

Can they work out a deal with the devil before all Hell breaks loose? Listen to find out! 

Oct 162019
Rag-NERD-rok Logo

Join us for another Spooktober Spooktacular!

A band of paranormal investigators have been summoned to the lavish Ravenwall estate to solve a problem that is in line with their particular skills.

But things are not what they appear at the Ravenwall estate, and completing this job could prove more deadly than any of these people ever imagined.

Will the investigators be able to solve their case and collect their pay? Or will they be the latest victims of the curse of the Ravenwalls? Listen to find out!

Oct 092019
Dueling Gods Path Art

It’s time for another Spooktober Spooktacular! 

This week, James runs us through a special episode of his Deadlands campaign. Some of our heroes awake to find themselves in a strange and dangerous land.

Will they be able to survive in this deadly place and make it back alive? And will any of this have any bearing on the regular campaign (it won’t)? Listen to find out!