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Join the Rag-NERD-rok Crew this week for our very first interview! In this episode, we sit down with Bob Rozakis, former writer and Executive Director of Production at DC Comics, to pick his brain about his time in the industry. Mr. Rozakis shares some fascinating and hilarious anecdotes from his 25 years at DC, including the Comic Mobile debacle, the imbroglio surrounding the death of Superman, and the story of how he helped to usher the company into the digital age. After the break, Erik gives us the rundown on the newest expansion for “Red Dragon Inn,” a board game by Slugfest Games in which each player portrays an archetypal hero in the style of “Dungeons & Dragons” with the objective of drinking his or her fellow adventurers under the table at a post-adventure booze session.

I. Cold Opening – “Dr. Thunder” (00:00:00)

Alex tries a can of generic-brand soda and suffers the unexpected consequences of Ryan’s frugality.

II. Show Intro (00:00:44)

No doubt about it, the nth dimension is a strange and disorienting place to find yourself stranded. We briefly discuss the discomfort of folding yourself through higher planes of reality and introduce our feature segment.

III. Interview with Mr. Bob Rozakis (00:02:37)

Bob Rozakis

Bob Rozakis, former writer and Director of Production, DC Comics

Bob Rozakis worked at DC Comics from 1973 to 1998, serving as a writer and Executive Director of Production during that time. Although he graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in accounting, his love of comics led him to DC, where he oversaw production and helped to introduce computers to the coloring and color separation process. He also created the character ‘Mazing Man and the comic series “Hero Hotline” with DC artist Stephen DeStefano. After leaving DC, Bob continued to do freelance work in comics for a few years, and, much to the relief of his parents, finally got a job as an accountant. He teaches a summer writing course at the Johns Hopkins CTY Program, held in Chestertown, MD, and continues to speak about his experiences working in comics at conventions and–thankfully for us–on podcasts.

You can find his blog, “Anything Goes,” at

IIIa. The Graaz

According to Mr. Rozakis, The Graaz is an alien creature who has found his way to the dark side of the moon. There he waits for some mysterious sign from humanity that will bring him to Earth.

IV. Sketch – “Video Shack” (00:40:45)

A harried Video Shack employee encounters a difficult customer who just can’t seem to remember the names of the films he wants to rent.

V. Board Game Review – Red Dragon Inn 3 (00:43:08)

Check back later in the week for a full write-up of Erik’s review!

VI. Outro (00:57:50)

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See you in the funny papers, RNR listeners!

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  • Chris C.

    Anyone have any idea if Bob Rozakis taught how to draw cartoons in Farmingdale at one point? I definitely took a class about how to draw cartoons (I think at Woodward Parkway) when I was a kid, and I remember the person who taught it being “Mr. Rozakis”. If he did, then my fanboy self now wants to go back and smack my 10 year old self then (or however old I was) and tell him to ask questions about comics.

    • Chris C.

      You know what, I think it was a creative writing class actually. Which would make a lot more sense… son of a bitch, I think I took a CW class with a writer from DC Comics.

      • Alex

        Yeah, Mr. Rozakis did teach creative writing. I took his class one summer.

      • ChuckRo

        You remember correctly. The Youth Council writing classes later developing into the class he teaches at CTY.

        There’s also a chance he came to your classroom and taught a lesson on how comics were made, and I think there a few instances when he brought an artist (likely Alex Saviuk) along with him.

      • I taught a creative writing class at Woodward Parkway for the Youth Council on Saturday mornings for a number of years in the late 80s and early 90s.I also spoke to some classes (usually ones that Chuck or Sammi were in) about the history of comics and how a comic book is made.

    • RyGuy

      I’m pretty sure Mr. Rozakis taught creative writing through the Farmingdale Youth Council at some point, so it might have been him.

  • Will W.

    That skit in the Video shack sounded really familiar. I can’t seem to remember where I heard that before, but I’m pretty sure it occurred about 3-4 years ago.

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