Aug 252011

Last time on “Dead of Winter,” Neil Price (Bob Domingo) met his client Evan Hollister (Mike Natale), a man being charged with a double homicide. Evan explained that the two murders he was charged with are in fact connected with the year-old murder case of his high school sweetheart, Sara Winter (Alice Muterspaw). He told Neil about the night of Sara’s murder, the Mysterious Stranger (Ed Cress) he and his best friend Ralph (Tony Piccirilo) met, and how Evan was, in fact, in the parking lot of the hotel they were staying at when he heard Sara being murdered.

Cassandra Donner (Allison Malinowski), Ralph’s prom date, is Neil Price’s source of information in “Dead of Winter – Episode 2: Before and After.” She sheds some light on Sara’s relationship with her father, Rev. Mike Winter (Derek Muterspaw), and talks about what she can remember about what happened in the hotel room on the night of Sara’s murder. Listen to this promo, and get excited about “Dead of Winter – Episode 2: Before and After,” which will premiere during the legendary Episode 8 of Rag-NERD-Rok on Sept. 13.

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