Oct 062011

Nevernudes rejoice! You shall be represented on television once again! One of Rag-NERD-rok’s favorite cancelled TV shows returns to Fox.

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That’s right, producers of the show, as well as cast members, confirmed that “Arrested Development” will for sure be returning to TV for a mini season of nine to 10 episodes that will set the Bluths up for a film. Filming for the new season is tentatively set for next summer.

So the question is, do we hold our collective breaths in anticipation for the return of everyone’s favorite dysfunctional blue bloods? It is Fox after all.

Well, friends, let’s not bet the farm on the show actually coming back, but instead feel cautious optimism, and take comfort in the fact that shows have been un-canceled before. Here’s an article on IGN about just that.

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