Mar 292012

I was recently approached by Odin himself, who was in a state of fury. He was being plagued by nightmares caused by a single unanswered question.

“This has been gnawing at me since before Thor and Loki were even gleams in my eye!” he thundered.

This question is, of course, who are the top five recurring Star Trek characters? He appointed me, personally, to investigate this matter and come up with an answer for him. And over the next five weeks I shall do just that.

(Find out who’s No. Five after the jump)

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Sep 292011

It’s September, and that means all of the shows that we love and those we have yet to fall in love with are coming back. Some of the greats like “Breaking Bad” and “Doctor Who” are just wrapping up, but not before the return of “Fringe” last Friday.

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