Aug 152011

The BBC has just released a short prequel video that shows us what the doctor has been doing between “A Good Man Goes To War” and “Let’s Kill Hitler.”

(Watch the video after the break. As River Song would say, spoilers)

The last time we saw the Doctor, back in June, he was off to find Melody Pond — a.k.a baby River Song — all alone. This video that BBC has just released shows a very depressed Doctor listening to a voice message from Amy. In the message she leaves she begs the Doctor to please find her daughter. This is a lead in to the next episode coming out, the awesomely titled, “Let’s Kill Hitler,” which premiers Aug. 27.

I’m excited and can not wait for new “Doctor Who.” What about you guys? Tell us what you think of the short prequel video and “Doctor Who” in general.

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