Nov 292011

If you listened to last week’s podcast, you would know that I’m a big fan of Minecraft, even though I never played the game. Since then, Minecraft has been officially released and I finally decided to download it and give it a try. What happened in my first week in game? Well check out the rest of the article after the break to see.

Day 1

So after I downloaded the game I decided to go into survival mode and named my world Meyertopia (because I’m clever and conceited). When I went into the world, I found myself in a tundra surrounded by cows — lots of cows — and sheep. I knew from watching other people that the first thing to do is to punch a tree. So I tried.

And tried

And tried.

And tried some more.

For some reason I could not punch a tree right. I was getting frustrated because I knew that night was fast approaching and I didn’t want to deal with the monsters that live in the dark. So I decided to ask for the help of my fellow colleagues (and Minecraft experts) A-Cos and Ryan. What they told me was that I was an idiot and instead of clicking the mouse hold the button down.

And it worked! (also I am an idiot)

So I punched some trees, got some wood, and made myself a crafting table. But instead of crafting anything with it I decided to first find a place to wait out the night in. I found a tiny cave and made it my home for the night. During which I made a wooden axes (regular and picking types), a sword, and a shovel.

Death Count: 0


Day 2

So I survived my first night. I was a little scared of the sounds I heard but I was still alive. At first light I ventured out of my cave home and I saw a zombie on fire (because of the sunlight). I did what any person would do and killed it with my shitty wooden sword. Right after I killed the zombie, there was a big explosion behind me.


I realized that a Creeper snuck up behind me and kamikaze’d himself (like they do). That’s when I learned my first lesson: Never think you are safe in Minecraft. BECAUSE YOU NEVER ARE!

I was hurt but still alive. So I decided to find some coal to pick. While walking around my world I did find some coal. I also found a small pool of lava in the middle of nowhere. I learned another lesson: Minecraft is weird sometimes.

It started getting dark and I couldn’t find my home because I wandered around so much. I really got scared because I really did not want to die and lose my stuff. Thankfully I found my home before anything bad happened to me. And during the night I created a furnace and upgraded my wooden tools to stone ones. Progress!

Death Count: 0


Day 3

Once again, when I saw daylight I ventured outside. This time I was greeted by a skeleton and my old friend Mr. Creeper, who both said hi by attacking me. Hurt and scared I ran back into my little cave home where an Enderman decided to break into and started moving my shit around.

At this point I said “Fuck it!” and ditched my cave home looking for bigger, better, Endermen-free facilities.

While looking for a new residence I passed a lot of cows and a lot of coal, which I killed and picked. I was low on food and low on health. It was also getting dark. I still had nowhere to stay for the night and I started getting attacked by something.

Minecraft is not kind to you, much like real life (another lesson learned).

To survive I went to a back of a cave and surrounded my self in dirt. This is where I was spending my night in a make shift dirt house. The whole night all I heard was monster outside my shitty dirt house and I did not enjoy it.

Death Count: 0


Day 4

I decided that I had enough of the frozen hellhole that is the tundra. And I was getting the FUCK OUT OF THERE! So I just picked a direction and walked. When coming down from a mountain I saw it … GREEN!

It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen since coming to this terrible world.

And then it started to rain on my parade. Literally.

So I decided that was a good enough time to explore the underground (spoiler: it was a terrible decision). There I was immediately attacked by two Creepers and a Skeleton. I knew I couldn’t fight them and survive so I ran … right into lava.

Death Count: 1

Once again I spawned in the tundra and this time it was snowing. I felt defeated. I just left this place and now I’m right back where I started.

It got dark within a minute of me spawning there and, I didn’t care if I was going to die, I wanted to pull a Forest Gump and just run.

So I ran through out the whole night. I got attacked by Skeletons and Creepers and Spiders, but like I said, I didn’t care if I died. I had nothing at this point. And then some Zombies killed me.

Death Count: 2


Day 5

I had to start from scratch basically. So I found I nice place to live and this place had iron. Sweet, sweet iron. I was moving up in the world. No longer was I a dirt and stone man.

I dug out my new home made it nicer. I made sure to build a chest so I wouldn’t lose everything again. I even made myself some leather armor so I wouldn’t be as scared of those bastards that lurk in the night. And I needed it because wouldn’t you know it … an Endermen once again barged into my house uninvited.

The old me (of a couple of days ago) would of panicked.

The old me would of ran away.


I had to show these jerks who was boss. I had to show them I wasn’t a pushover.

So I pulled out my new iron sword and hit the fucker and he ran away scared. I looked around for him to see if he would return but he didn’t. I won!

Death Count: 2


In my first 5 days in Minecraft I grew and learned to be a man (sort of), at least in the Minecraft world. I had fun so far and I know I haven’t even discovered a quarter of what the game has to offer. I might continue to let you guys know how my adventure in Minecraft is going from time to time. Like I might make a post about my first adventure in a stronghold, or the Nether or even in the End.

If you don’t have Minecraft yet I would highly recommend it. And it is one of those games that I would recommend it to anybody young or old.

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