Dec 202011

A friend of mine linked me to this video recently (Thanks Menelven, if you’re reading this), and I fell in love with the song. For anyone who loved the original Pokemon more than any of the newer ones, this guy certainly echoes your sentiments. There’s a bit of a lengthy plug at the end, but considering the fact that we like to shamelessly plug our own product, I suppose it’s acceptable. Video after the jump.

I personally never owned a Game Boy system before the Game Boy Advance, but I did play Red and Blue through other means. As much as I’ve loved some of the newer games (Diamond/Pearl and Black/White in specific), none of them compared to the experience of playing through Red and Blue for the first time. Everything about the series was new back then, and it was a truly enjoyable and unique gaming experience. The newer games have added a lot to the basic formula of the game, and while some of the things that have been added are nice (multiple types for Pokemon, team battles, etc.), taking such a simple concept and adding a ton of features to it can really overwhelm a player and take away from the overall feel of the game. Some of the things Alex Day mentioned in the song (Poffins, Super Contests, etc.) seemed completely unnecessary, and were often things that I personally ignored completely while going through the games. A lot of people say that the Pokemon games are all the same. I really wish they were correct about this sometimes, because the unnecessary new features make me pine for the old days of Pokemon, just like Alex Day does here.

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