Dec 122018

What’s that? Erik is sitting in the GM seat? What crazy reality have we found ourselves in?!

That’s right, everyone’s second-favorite guy from the podcast named Erik is running us through a game of Gateway, a super-rules-light fantasy game. Four adventurers find themselves in the town of Frostend just as some strange happenings are…happening. Magic users in the town seem to be disappearing, and no one knows why. Or seems to care, really.

Can a Tiefling Bard, a Dwarf rogue, a Goliath fighter and an Dragonborn warlock save the magic users in town? Or will they all die for being really annoying? Listen to find out!

Editor’s note: Erik came up with this title. While the game is good, the title is not, and I’m posting it under protest.

Jun 282017


On an ordinary day in Ponyville, four friends are about to find way more adventure than they bargained for. There’s Silver Spirit, the dim but lovable earth pony who specializes in the healing arts. Dusk Waterstone (of the Cloudsdale Waterstones) is a pegasus lawyer whose blunt but honest manner makes her a courtroom star. Crimson Moon, a unicorn with a penchant for chasing gems, is a practiced expert in telekinesis. Finally, Shadow Whimsy uses her unicorn magic and a dash of empathetic power to converse with animals. When these ponies are asked to pet-sit for the bearers of The Elements of Harmony, six of the most important ponies in all of Equestria, they immediately agree. But what should be a simple job turns into a thrilling quest full of fun, danger and excitement when all six of their charges scatter into The Everfree Forest, where the clouds move themselves and wild magic runs amok. In order to retrieve all six pets, they’ll have to face diamond dogs, avoid poisoned joke, and navigate all manner of harrowing hazards. Can these four ponies find the lost pets and escape the Everfree? Listen to find out!

May 172017


There seems to be a veritable glut of Magical Fury games being posted lately, so here’s ours! The touring teen J-pop band 4W is about to play a big concert in their hometown, but first, they must survive a night at a seedy local hotel. One by one, the girls (and their middle-aged manager) are visited by a talking dove named Horatio, who offers each of them a coin and cryptic words of warning. When a demon manifests by the pool the next day, the girls (and their manager) spontaneously transform into a team of superpowered heroines in short skirts, and find themselves engaged in a battle to the death. Can the teens (and their manager) dispatch the demon in time for their show, or will their international tour come to an abrupt end before it even begins? Listen to find out!

Mar 012017


This week, a new star joins the ranks of the WAWF, a decorated academic with a face-smashing gimmick! Dr. Thundercrack rumbles onto the scene in purple body paint and a tiny thong to face off against The Mimicker. This time, the promotion is playing in Rouge’s hometown, Lake Char­gogg­a­gogg­man­chaugg­a­gogg­chau­bun­a­gung­a­maugg. Who will the WAWF’s foremost jester relentlessly mock this time? Unable to continue his feud with Fast Eddie Cutlass, giant Greek G3 finds himself in the unique position of having enough Audience rating to challenge whomever else he likes. Who will find himself on the receiving end of a cyclopean stomping? Finally, promotion bad-boy Jesse Evans continues to find himself at the center of a vortex of controversy, but is he…y’know, all right? One wrestler struggles with the effects of head trauma inside and outside of the ring.