Jul 132011

“Seven Wonders” is a game published by Asmodee Games. In the game, two to seven players compete with each other to build up their own ancient wonders in order to become the greatest in history. The game takes place in three ages, and is played in the style of a draft, much akin to a collectible card game booster draft. Each player has a hand of cards, and they choose one to keep, passing the rest to the player next to them. Each card they keep can be used for one of three purposes: building it for the card’s listed effects, trashing it to gain more coins, or using it to build their wonder, which also earns the player added benefits. Once all cards have been drafted in an age, each player goes into combat with the players to their left and right. This process repeats through all three ages, and once the combat phase of the final age ends, the players tally up their scores, and whoever has the highest score —¬†surprise, surprise —¬†wins!

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