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The episode we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! This week, the boys in The Rag-NERD-rok Crew answer what is perhaps one of the most difficult questions in all of nerd-dom: which apocalypse is the best apocalypse? Ed, Ryan, Erik and Meyer face off in a formal debate moderated by Alex to get to the bottom of this matter once and for all. Later, Ryan reviews the new “Fiasco Companion,” published by Bully Pulpit Games in June of 2011, and the boys in The Crew discuss their experiences playing the game, writing playsets, and using the results to fuel their creative endeavors. Finally, Ed presents the second episode of his serial drama, “Dead of Winter.” We hope you enjoy the much-lauded Episode 008, our best so far!

I. Cold Opening – Jeph Loeb #2 (00:00:00)

Jeph Loeb runs into his angry “fan” yet again, but will he once again succumb to the man’s violent intentions?

II. Introduction (00:00:51)

Alex introduces the debate, explaining the rules and format.

  • Each debater will make an opening statement (1 min. 30 sec.)
  • For every question, each debater will have 30 seconds to respond.
  • Each debater is allowed one rebuttal per question. (30 sec.)
  • At the end, each debater will each be allowed to make a 30 second summation.

The Debaters / Their Apocalypses:

  • Meyer / The Alien Invasion
  • Erik / The Super-virus
  • Ryan / The Rapture
  • Ed / Nuclear Annihilation

III. DEBATE! It’s The Best Apocalypse (00:02:27)

Question #1 (00:07:53)

What are the chances that civilization could recover from your apocalypse?

Question #2 (00:11:53)

In the opposite vein, what would be the best way that someone could die in your apocalypse?

Question #3 (00:13:43)

What would you do to stop one of the other apocalypses?

Question #4 (00:16:48)

How does your apocalypse affect job creation?

Question #5 (00:19:51)

How would an outbreak of zombie-ism affect your apocalypse?

Summaries (00:23:00)

IV. Ryan’s Review of “The Fiasco Companion” (00:27:09)

Ryan leads the group in a discussion about “The Fiasco Companion,” by Jason Morningstar and Steve Segedy of Bully Pulpit Games.

Check back later this week to see the full text of Ryan’s review!

V. “Dead of Winter” Intro., Take 1 (00:40:45)

Ryan does the worst thing imaginable to Ed.

Va. “Dead of Winter” Intro., Take 2 (00:41:06)

Ed introduces the second episode of his audio serial, for reals this time.

VI. “Dead of Winter – Episode 2: Before and After” (00:41:59)

Written and Directed by Ed Cress
Based on a Fiasco developed by all the guys at Rag-NERD-rok

Alex Costello as Dr. Fargo
Ed Cress as the Mysterious Stranger
Bob Domingo as Neil Price
Jason Forella as Sheriff Barker
Allison Malinowski as Cassandra Donner
Alice Muterspaw as Sarah Winter
Derek Muterspaw as Reverend Mike Winter
Angela Cress-Wineland as the Nurse

Assistant Director:
Angela Cress-Wineland

Dialogue Recorded By:
Ed Cress
Angela Cress-Wineland

Ed Cress
Larry Wineland

Foley Artists:
Ed Cress, Angela Cress-Wineland, Larry Wineland, Meghan Vanatta, Benboncan and redjim


“He’s a Devil in His Own Hometown”
Performed by Allison Malinowski
Music by Irving Berlin
Words by Irving Berlin and Grant Clark

VII. Outro (00:59:49)

Comment on this episode and let us know who you thought won the debate, as well as your own thoughts about which apocalypse reigns supreme.

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Featured Music:

Bouncy Castle (Roglok) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0


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