Oct 072020
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This week, we’re kicking off Spooptober 2020 with a return to the Sweethornverse!

Fresh off their victory of saving the Eversummer Wood, the daring band of adventures are asked by Tola to stop another threat. The Gnarl has returned, and he plans to use the wood’s weakened state to spread his corruption and destroy the Eversummer Wood.

Will the heroes be able to traverse the Gnarl’s twisted forest safely? What eerie and spoopy dangers await them within? Listen to find out!

Sep 162020
Amerinomicon Art

The team has made it to the island-city of R’lyeh. But their mission isn’t over yet. They still need to plant the bomb and, if possible, escape with their lives.

But the tunnels under the city are dark, and they hold many dangers of their own.

Will the team be able to complete its impossible mission? Listen to find out!

Aug 262020
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Continuing their trek towards the center of the Eversummer Wood and Tola Oxara, the group of adventures comes across a house in the middle of the woods. A rather fast house, at that. 

There’s also an opportunity to help wayward travelers who were set upon by orcs. The orcs were not very nice. 

How will this new encounter change the group’s travels. And will they be able to stop the orcs? Listen to find out!

Jul 152020
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We do a “Tiger King”-inspired Fiasco. Do we really need to say more? 

OK, we will. After sending the third person in their throuple to jail, a married couple tries to reinvigorate their failing big cat animal zoo. Even though they pledge to not do the unethical things that got their former husband sent to jail, they soon learn that taking care of big cats costs big money.

Plus, their ex is out of jail and is looking for revenge. And a job at Walmart.

Will they be able to get the money together? Or will they have to resort to horrible (and illegal) business practices? Whatever they do, it’s going to be a fiasco!

Download the playset here! It’s PWYW, and a lot of fun.

Jul 082020
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Welcome to the first episode of our quarantine adventure!

A group of odd adventurers living in the Eversummer Wood are hired to a nobleman to escort his son, an aspiring bard who goes by Sweethorn, to the heart of the forest.

This adventure will help harden Sweethorn’s resolve and give him much to write about. And the Eversummer Wood is the safefest place in the world, so it shouldn’t be dangerous, either. 

Will this group of adventurers be able to protect their inept charge in order to score their huge payday? Or will Sweethorn’s adventure end prematurely? 

Listen to find out!