Mar 132019
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Jason Statham, international movie star, is taking a well-deserved holiday. But, as always, the Wesley Sniper is up to his evil tricks, and is trying to ruin Jason’s vacation!

It’s up to a very dedicated team of employees from Jason’s management agency to look out for him and protect him from all of the dastardly hazards the Wesley Sniper will throw at them.

Will the team be able to save Jason Statham’s vacation? Or will he get sad and go home? Listen to find out!

Mar 062019

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Mar 062019
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This week, Alex rounds out the Rag-NERD-rok Pilot Season with a pulp-action-horror game set in a nightmare America ruled by the Great Old Ones!

After R’lyeh rose from the waves and Great Cthulhu awoke, humanity became a cattle race, allowed to exist as feed stock to the gibbering horrors that dwell beyond time and space. For three decades, humans have endured the tyranny of the GOOs, who keep them oppressed under a brutal police state. Though some try to fight back, the odds are utterly hopeless.

On an ordinary evening that will turn out to be anything but, five friends gather for their weekly poker game. When the sixth player, a resistance member named Jackson Elias, arrives, he has in his possession a secret package that he says could help fight the GOOs and liberate humanity. Pursued by the special police, he needs the group’s help to get the parcel to his contact across town.

In order to make the delivery, they’ll have to brave the carefully patrolled streets after curfew. Can they make the delivery and potentially free humanity, or will they end up as a late-night snack for some Lovecraftian horror? Listen to find out!

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Feb 272019
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Have you heard the one about two dwarves, an elf, a human and a halfling who strand themselves on a magical island in search of seven lost treasures? Well, crank up the volume and take a listen, because you’re about to! 

In Chris’ entry for our Pilot Season, a party of adventurers returns to town with the severed heads of a two-headed ogre (ettin?), hoping to barter their loot for information about the island’s secrets. When they are attacked by a pride of swamp lions in the night, they’ll have to use every trick they’ve got to survive and keep their cargo safe. Can they make it back alive? 

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Feb 132019
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This is the third game in Rag-NERD-rok’s Pilot Season. This one’s run by Ryan!

A dying artist has just one last wish before he shuffles off this mortal coil: create his magnum opus so people will know his story for generations to come. 

That masterpiece? “Jose Dynamo presents, ‘Jose Dynamo: The Jose Dynamo Story.’ Starring Jose Dynamo as Jose Dynamo. Written, directed and produced by Jose Dynamo.”

Before he rides a motorcycle off the roof of a building, Jose needs to finish his biopic. But to do that, he’ll need to contend with Hollywood royalty, duplicitous assistants and actors’ egos. 

Does Jose have what it takes to make it Hollywood? Or is his project doomed for failure?

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