Nov 102011

It’s November and that means there are a ton of awesome games coming out. Modern Warfare 3 and Uncharted 3 just came out recently and people love those games (and for good reason). But tonight at midnight a game is coming out that people absolutely love. A game people are going to be spending months upon months (maybe even years) playing. Ladies and gentlemen, the game I am talking about is … SKYRIM!!!

I’m not the biggest Elder Scrolls fan. I think the game is beautiful and huge in size and quantity/quality of game play, but I just never took to the game. A lot of people LOVE this game though. And in this one they are going to have dragons!


On Facebook, today, all I’m seeing on my friends’ statuses is how they are eagerly awaiting this game. And I fear I will not see many of them for quite some time. So for those of you who love this game, I hope you enjoy it. For everyone else (maybe even those of you who love it), I found some videos poking a little fun of the game franchise and it’s fans — all in good fun though.

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