Jan 222020
Amerinomicon Art

As they travel across the country, the group has been hounded in their dreams. Lt. Elbert shows up unexpectedly, robbing them of their peace and rest.

But now, they may have a way to stop him. It’s possible to create charms that will block their dreams from being invaded.

Nothing comes easy, though, and the group will have to make a perilous journey in order to acquire a key ingredient. 

Will their mission succeed? Or will they be plagued by nightmares forever? Listen to find out!

Jan 152020
Rag-NERD-rok Logo

Red Markets is back! But only for one episode.

This week, Alex runs James and Ryan through a playtest of a new scenario for an upcoming Red Markets job book. 

A severe drought has hit the area surrounding Bounti, and the only water source left has become polluted. Watchdog and Unix are hired to act as security for a Randian who’s looking to make some bounty off the situation by selling water to some nearby enclaves.

The job seems simple enough, but nothing is ever really simple out in the Loss. And with water getting low, people are getting thirsty…and desperate. And there’s no telling what desperate people will do.

Jan 012020
Amerinomicon Art

With the danger exposed, the group now needs to figure out how to survive. Will they be able to evade the suspicions of this strange man with his other-worldy guitar? And what about the rest of the residents of this small town?

Listen to find out!

Dec 182019
Dueling Gods Path Art

The Marshal, The Reverend and The Scarlet Woman go on a side quest! Can they defeat a shadow demon that is terrorizing a local farm? Listen to find out!

Dec 112019
Amerinomicon Art

Driving across the twisted country is dangerous. But there are still mundane hazards to be wary of: like car trouble.

Stranded in a small town while their vehicle is under repair, the team is taking a little well-earned rest at the local hotel. But another guest has everyone on edge. And the music he brings with him may just be their doom.

Will the party survive their stay in this town? And what is this strange guest searching for? Listen to find out!