Sep 012012

This is it, folks. All of Rag-NERD-rok history has been leading to this moment, this episode. Get ready, for your ears are about to be assaulted by the sweet, dulcet tones of history in the making. After months of snide comments and off-hand Pony references, the RNR guys sit down and tackle the most important topic of out generation: Bronies. Are they a force for good or are they Satan’s emissaries? Find out as Ryan and Erik go up against Alex and Meyer, with Ed acting as moderator for the most calm heated discussion ever.

And speaking of Ponies, the RNR crew finally gets to lay something to rest. The man who has haunted them ever since Erik gave him an undeserved shout-out way back when, Twizzle, finally earns that shout-out. And we all pay the price.

The guys wrap up the episode with a blooper reel (think of this as our Season 3 clip-show episode). It’s a rare and intimate look into what goes on behind the scenes of Rag-NERD-rok (please don’t hate us after listening to it).

(Show notes after the break)

I. Cold Open: Ryan and Terminator (00:00:00)

Ryan’s new roommate suffers the worst case of mistaken identity ever. Hijinks ensue.

II. Discussion: Bronies: Yea or Neigh (00:01:36)

We break it down, with Erik and Ryan on the pro-Brony, Meyer and Alex on the anti-Brony side and Ed perched precariously in the middle. We break the issue down all professional-like and talk about a few different points of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom, including:

1. Fan Works
2. Trolling and Retaliation
3. Just the Fucking Bronies
4. Clopping

So where do you come down on the whole “Brony/No-Brony” issue. Let us know in the comments!

III. Twizzle Voicemails (00:47:53)

That old so-and-so Twizzle finally earned his shout out. And boy, did he make us regret making fun of him for so many months. Actually, after having listened to his voicemails, we feel pretty good about making fun of him. And after you listen to them, you’ll want to soak your brain in bleach. Sorry about that.

IV. Blooper Reel (00:56:10)

You’ve probably always wondered, “How do those Rag-NERD-rok guys always sound so wonderful? Are they simply perfect?” Well, as much as we hate to break it to you, we are not, in fact, podcasting deities. In fact, we do make errors while recording. A lot. But thanks to the miracles of modern technology, those bloopers have been preserved! So enjoy listening to us screw up. And Meyer fart.

V. Outro (01:02:45)

Ed turned into a vengeful god for some reason. It happens to the best of us sometimes. If you don’t want to incur his wrath, make sure you email us at, Tweet us @ragnerdrok, like us on Facebook at, and leave us a voicemail by calling (516) 362 – NERD [6373]. (Except you, Twizzle. We’ve heard quite enough out of you.) And if you want to have your words read on-air, feel free to leave us a review on iTunes.

Music and SFX:

First Interlude: Thinking Of You (Cantonement Jazz Band) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
Second Interlude: Burning Saddles (Ponytail) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
Outro: Good God/Bad God (Let Me Crazy) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0


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  • It’s OK Ed, I get the Whose Line reference 🙂

  • Necroceine

    Vegans. Vegans masturbate to broccoli.

    Also, just throwing it out there, having read a lot of Fallout: Equestria, it’s not actually like that. It’s about the resulting wasteland from really powerful magic (a balefire bomb specifically) was unleashed upon Equestria. The ponies from the show are all long dead and they died with many things left unfinished, it’s quite tragic and dark. There aren’t any super mutants, but there are balefire phoenixes and manticores and beefed up diamond dogs that could probably be compared to super mutants to be fair. The main similarity is the technology. Anyway, my point is it’s not just ponies shoehorned into Fallout. I read it and I haven’t played any Fallout, because I thought it was a good story. Though that means it could probably get along fine without the attached Fallout name. Oh well.

    • Erik

      Vegans works for me! Though I’m also partial to stalkers.

      I should probably also read Fallout: Equestria at some point. I feel like I’m not doing it right if I don’t.

  • Will, the pissed off Geek who has seen too much Pony shit on both the internet and the mall.

    First thing..Fuck PONIES! It’s a show for little 6-10 year old girls. Which say’s a lot for any of the Bronies. Anyway Necroceine, Fallout is exactly that story, it’s tragic and dark. And yes i would say any sorts of villains would be those. That is what Alex was trying to say, the fact people take a world they like, and just include ponies. If that is what your going to do, be more creative. Make a fan fiction that is like fallout, but change it a little and make it original. Don’t steal somebody Else’s series and place another series into it. Joe Hogan has Fan Fiction, but he kept star wars ,within star wars. Stuff like that is creative. Not “ooh, lets take the world of Naruto and substitute Ninja’s for Ninja ponies and lets make it not Konoha, but Ponyha, omg I’m amazing and so awesome.” NO. Fuck NO. Leave Star Wars, most anime’s, Doctor Who, Assassins Creed, and Fall-out alone and many others. Stick to your universe, (even though its fucking stupid, and i want to burn down the next Brony convention just to lessen your numbers) and we won’t have a problem. I’m with Acos and Meyer. Fuck MLPFIM and all their fans. I don’t care if this makes me hated by all the Bronies, because i already hate most of you. I only like 2 of you, that’s it…..Oh wait, i need to confirm this. Being a women and being a Brony, is completely Okay. So I don’t hate you because you are watching a show for little girls. Just making that clear.

    Oh and FUCK Tara Strong. She is dead to me now. Also Fuck thehub network for putting on this shit. It used to be a good network, filled with old shows i used to watch……now if i try to watch a movie on it, when it comes back i have to see fucking pony’s everytime…and the fact that ponies are on the same network as Transformers, pisses me off even further.

    • RyGuy

      Wow. I had no idea you felt so strongly about this, Will. That’s kinda scary.

    • This, ladies and gentlemen, is an example of that vitriol what we referred to.

    • Erik

      So Will’s hatred for the show is so strong that he wants to kill thousands of people. Okay!

      • Erik

        Also, I think this past summer’s Bronycon proved that a con catching fire ain’t enough to stop us! 😀

        • Will, the pissed off Geek who has seen too much Pony shit on both the internet and the mall.

          I believe a lot of world problems could be solved by some sort of cleanse. I think the Bronies are on the top 5 of that list. I don’t wish arm upon you or Ryan…but i do wish harm upon people like Twizzle.

          • Alex

            Is anyone else a little uncomfortable that Will is advocating genocide?

          • Chris

            The only part of Will’s genocide that I’m uncomfortable with is that he left out erick and Ryan.

  • Derek

    Umm…ain’t no pony gonna beat John Cena or Triple H!!!

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