Oct 102011

Ever since “Mass Effect 2” was announced, there were rumors of Bioware adding a multiplayer feature to the rpg. It seemed like nobody liked the idea, and it’s understandable. But now it seems like that rumor became real with “Mass Effect 3.”

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Earlier today, Australian magazine “Powerplay” showed off the cover of its new issue and on it, in big writing, it clearly says “Multiplayer comes to ‘Mass Effect 3’: Fight alongside your friends as the galaxy goes to war!” This, of course, sent the Internet into an uproar, with many people saying the are going to cancel their pre-orders, as the Internet does. Later Bioware itself confirmed that there will be a multiplayer feature in the game. However, it is not competitive multiplayer, but a co-operative multiplayer and this, I think, calmed the angry trolls a little bit.

Personally, I hope that the co-op aspect of the game is separate to the main story but still ties into it. And maybe the two stories could even intersect from time to time. I love co-op and I love “Mass Effect,” but I still don’t how I feel about this announcement. But “Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood” added a multiplayer feature to the game and it was great, so hopefully this will be, too. Bioware will be giving more information on today’s announcement on Wednesday. Hopefully it will answer all of our questions.

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