Oct 112011

NASA recently released a video (well, more of a slideshow, really) depicting the Mars Rover Opportunity’s three-year journey from Victoria crater to Endeavour crater — a journey of 13 miles. It’s in black and white, but it’s pretty impressive.

(video and more after the jump)

I still find it amazing that little rover accomplished so much. Sure, 13 miles is something that the average person could do in a day, but this was another planet. I’m going to say that again: this video is the rover’s journey on ANOTHER FUCKING PLANET! No matter how often I think about it, I still can’t help but be amazed.

Also, the mission was only supposed to last 90 days. Talk about getting your money’s worth out of an investment. You can read more about the video and the rover on NASA’s website.

Sometimes humanity just really impresses me. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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