Oct 072020
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This week, we’re kicking off Spooptober 2020 with a return to the Sweethornverse!

Fresh off their victory of saving the Eversummer Wood, the daring band of adventures are asked by Tola to stop another threat. The Gnarl has returned, and he plans to use the wood’s weakened state to spread his corruption and destroy the Eversummer Wood.

Will the heroes be able to traverse the Gnarl’s twisted forest safely? What eerie and spoopy dangers await them within? Listen to find out!

Sep 302020
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Join us for another playtest of Alex’s in-development game, Longshot!

The first four people on Mars need to work together to survive. They’ll have to face dust storms, malfunctioning toilets, bad news from home, and each other if they want to survive. 

Also, lots of samples of dirt.

Sep 232020
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Having defeated the evil wizard and reclaimed the gem, the group of adventurers set out to finish their quest.

Once the gem is returned to the great tree, they then have to make their way back to Treespire to report to Sweethorn’s father about their adventure. How will he take the news of his sons trials and tribulations?

Join us for the (epic?) conclusion of this campaign!

Sep 162020
Amerinomicon Art

The team has made it to the island-city of R’lyeh. But their mission isn’t over yet. They still need to plant the bomb and, if possible, escape with their lives.

But the tunnels under the city are dark, and they hold many dangers of their own.

Will the team be able to complete its impossible mission? Listen to find out!

Sep 092020
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The adventuring party has finally made it to the center of the Eversummer Wood, and to the majestic tree Tola Oxara. 

It’s here that they learn what has happened to the forest and why evil is starting to plague it. And they also learn what they have to do to stop it.

Will this unlikely group turn out to be the heroes who save the forest? Or will they, too, succumb to the darkness? Listen to find out!