Dec 132017

One of the keys to survival out in The Loss is community—being a part of an enclave and having access to the skills and support it provides. Not every enclave that sprang up since The Crash has survived, however. Outbreaks of hot Blight have turned many former bastions of civilization into festering casualty traps. This week, The Missionaries are hired by their enclave to retrieve the plans for an energy-efficient windmill from just such a place, but when they arrive, they discover that the area’s real problem is the living. Can they extract the plans without agitating the Shepherds who have started using the place as a pen for nearby casualties? Listen to find out!

Dec 062017

It seems like a simple job. Go to the home of a reclusive starlet out in The Loss. Find her safe and gain access. Put the marriage license inside on a drone that will take it back to the client.

But in the Loss, there’s no such thing as simple.

When a devious trap leads Watchdog to be exposed to The Blight, the team will have to close ranks and cover each other’s backs just in case he goes vector. Oh, and the job site has been exposed to the elements since The Crash, leaving the interiors a potential death trap of rotten floors. Will the takers clear enough bounty on this job to make their bills? Can they find the safe, retrieve the document and get out without ending up in the basement? Is Watchdog infected?

Listen to find out!

Oct 182017

After the rural community of Palerock is devastated by a freak storm, the townsfolk are left to pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives. Nearly everyone in town has lost loved ones in the disaster, and many of the locals have turned to a bizarre source of comfort. On the outskirts of town, an old man has set up a telephone booth where his grieving neighbors can dial up the dead and have a chat. Is this a harmless method of coping with loss, or is something more sinister afoot? When a string of unexplained deaths brings the community to Delta Green’s attention, three agents must investigate to find the truth.

Oct 042017

When The Crash came, with its pleading Vectors and shambling Casualties, death marches and Recession, it was only natural that people would turn to religion. The people of Bountiful, Utah, flocked to the temple, trusting in The Lord to see them through the end. But the world went on, and now, five years later, the safe haven of the Bountiful Enclave seems more like a pen than a refuge. Five Takers, eager to make a name for themselves, set out on a mission of mercy to put a client’s beloved parents to rest. On the way, they’ll encounter forgotten scenes of horror from the early days of the apocalypse, impossibly trapped Casualties, and nearly impassable obstacles. Can they reach the retirement community, locate the client’s family and get the job done, or will they join the ranks of the dearly departed wandering endlessly within the retirement community’s gates? Listen to find out, as we kick off another Spooktober with the first installment of our Red Markets campaign!

Sep 202017

This is a story about three bears, but not the ones you’re thinking of. These bears are sick of other people eating their porridge, tired of being too hard or too soft to fit in with the human world. They’re ready to roll the dice and risk it all to go for the gold—golden honey, that is. These three bears are plotting the caper of the century, a daring raid on HoneyCon 2017 that could set them up for life. With security tight as a drum and the con being held in a creepy convention center known for ghostly goings-on, the odds are most definitely stacked against them. Can these underhanded ursines pull off an impossible honey heist, or will they find themselves on the wrong side of animal control? Bear with us, and find out!

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