Nov 222011

Sorry for the late post, folks. But I’ll make up for it with awesomeness!

Check out the first episode of the new web series Danger 5. It’s a spoof of a 60’s spy show. The basic plot is a team of daring adventurers trying to foil Hitler during World War II. But it’s campy and cheesy and awesome. Check out the first episode after the jump.


I thought it was fantastic. The just-off dub, the crappy miniature exterior shot, Hitler’s cadre of sexy female bodyguards: it was all perfect camp. And I have a feeling the eagle-headed Colonel is fast going to become an Internet favorite.

Now I’m really looking forward to Episode 2. New episodes premier every Monday. It’s refreshing to see original, not entire asinine things being created on the Internet. I really hope this webseries goes somewhere.

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